Nosten® is the only system that regulates the pressure of the balloons in 1/10th of a second

The efficiency of Nosten® is unique. Clinical studies clearly demonstrate the uncomparable results in the fight against ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).

Nosten® is an all aluminum medical device which requires no external power source. Only the force of gravity and the positioning of the mass exert pressure. The generated constant pressure eliminates the under-inflation occurrences and over-inflation situations. Water pressure can be chosen between 14 and 44 cm.

Nosten2® must be placed near or on the respirator, on a horizontal and stable surface.

The medical team can change the pressure in the balloon of the probe or endotracheal tube at any time by moving the mobile mass.
It is reusable after a surface disinfection to be carried out between each patient.

Nosten ® is used with the disposable Soufflet®.

The Soufflet® 100% PVC includes a 300 cc air tank and a 180 cm tube. A “3-way stopcock’’ is attached to the tube in order to allow the medical team to add or remove air.

The medical team can verify the pressure by using a gauge thanks to the “3-way stopcock”.

The Soufflet® fits all brands of intubation probes and endotracheal tubes equipped with low-pressure balloons.
It is used for a single patient during the entire duration of mechanical ventilation.

Instructions for use

Nosten® is a class 1 medical device made up of a device for multiple use, all aluminum, not requiring any external energy input.

Instructions for use


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