“Nosten®, a very significant source of progress”, by Prof. François Blot of the Gustave Roussy Institute

10 2020 News

‘’The Intensive Care Unit department of Gustave Roussy Institute has been in favor of the Nosten® cuff pressure control device since its creation. The management, diagnosis and prevention of ventilator-associated pneumopathy (VAP) have always beneficiate from a special attention and research conducted by our team focused on this matter (1-3). The team has to face the dual vulnerability of acute respiratory failure and cancer immunodepression. This is the reason why in the continuity of studies demonstrating the crucial nature of monitoring and regulating the pressure of the cuff of the intubation probe, the invention and marketing of the Nosten® device seemed to be a source of very significant progress in terms of the prevention of VAP since its creation.

The unreserved adoption of the system was concomitant with a broader program, also based on our experience and the medical literature, addressing (but not limited to) the issues of procubitus, sedation and, more generally, compliance with hygiene in the Intensive Care Unit. The deployment of the Nosten® system, both in its first and second generation, was all the more necessary since, in addition to its effectiveness in terms of prevention, it demonstrated great ease of use, undeniable robustness and, at a time when societal constraints appear stronger than ever, modest cost and sustainable in the context of local development. Finally, beyond the quality of the device itself, it is the collaboration between healthcare teams and an ingenious, persevering and always available industrialist that has sealed this fruitful partnership with Nosten®’’.